Product review – Lace Locker

Hello again!  Time for another product review for a product I received in my IRun4Ultra Ambassador welcome package. In my previous product review I listed all the goodies I received so I will spare you the time and won’t go over all of it again.

This review is for the Lace Locker.

I can’t honestly say I have had a lot of issue with my shoes coming untied when I run, now that most running shoe companies have switched to the flat lace.  I do know it can be an issue though and I tend to double knot my shoes just to avoid the trouble.

In the past I used speed laces, although the purpose of that was to be able to shorten my transition time during a triathlon. Those were a pain to install and I found it to be extremely challenging to change them from one shoe to another, I ended up using them on my running shoe for the remainder of their life and didn’t have to worry about shoes coming untied.

So when I got this product I was thinking it would be a big deal to put them on my shoes so I avoided using them on my recent runs as I was usually pressed for time. Well needless to say I should have taken the few seconds to look at the Lace Lockers and the instruction sheet because I would have realized it was super easy to install!

So let’s get started with this!

Product packaging:  this product is very light weight (bonus:  who would want to add a heavy product to their running shoes) and I am pleased to say the company did not over package. A small piece of paper with the instructions & the Lace Locker pair both fit into a small plastic bag. So many companies over package their product creating a lot of unnecessary waste, so I was pleased to see this. It also made it easy to toss in the front pocket of my gym bag without adding a lot of bulk.

Product price:  According to the Lace Locker website these run anywhere from $7.95 to $10 a pair.  It appears there’s a link on the site for a BOGO offer, so you could get 2 pair for $9.99.  This company uses its profits to provide scholarships to send young women to college who could otherwise not afford to attend.  Your purchase of this product will be helping others not just padding some executives bank account.

Product ease of use:  as I mentioned before this product is very easy to use. It took maybe a minute to put on my shoes. I was worried at first that I would have to take it off completely in order to loosen my shoes to take them off but I was able to loosen my laces without undoing the product. The velcro type closure didn’t seem to destroy my laces either.

Product intended use:  the intended use is to prevent your laces from coming untied. I mentioned before this was not really an issue for me but my little dude has a pair of tennis shoes that have to be double knotted always!  The same product I put on my size 8 women’s shoe fit on his size 9 toddler shoe, no problem.  If I was willing to give up my set of Lace Lockers I would keep them on his shoe because, let’s face it, trying to keep a toddler still long enough to double knot & untie said double knot is a workout in its own way!  Plus, the ones I received say “I rocked 13.1” and he hasn’t run a half marathon yet!  From a non-running perspective, I could see these being extremely useful for keeping laces tamed while riding bike in “street shoes”.  Before I started using clip-in bicycling shoes I always struggled with my laces getting tangled in the chain. If you ride bike using any type of shoe that doesn’t already have a lace taming feature Lace Lockers would be a perfect and inexpensive solution to keep you safe!

Product design:  Lace Lockers are lightweight as I previously mentioned, I say it again because if they were heavy they would not be on my shoes!  They are low profile, in other words not bulky!  The other concern I had at first was that it would bounce as I ran, the design kept it snug to my shoe with no bouncing.  This product comes in a variety of designs/colors. Remember how I said I wouldn’t share mine with my toddler because he hasn’t run a half marathon yet. Well I think the LaceLocker Pair Lockit Orange would go perfect with his shoes.

In conclusion, I would recommend this product to runners & cyclists for peace of mind.  I would also recommend Lace Lockers to parents of little busy bodied toddlers, keep their laces secure without the battle of trying to double knot those little laces!

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