Worn out but not gone

It’s February 21st and 63 degrees!  Depending on where you are reading this, it may not seem like that is very significant, but I assure you this is significant to anyone living in Minnesota or the upper Midwest in general.  

On tuesdays I only work 4 hours, my best friend jokingly named this short shift my “princess shift”.  The kids have to go to daycare while I work and keeping them there a few extra hours gives me a chance to get a few errands done and have a little me time.  I have been trying to get to the Y most tuesdays to get a little workout in before I go to pick up the kids. 

So after today’s Princess shift I headed to the archery range to do a make up shoot for missing yet another scheduled shoot. First I made my obligatory child-free Target run.  After shooting I went to the Y for a run. 

I had originally planned on running on the dreadmill but remember I said it was 63 degrees out… yea, well in Minnesota,in February, 63 degrees means you get outside and enjoy it before the snow starts flying again (which is rumored to be two days from now). I set out on the trail but didn’t have my Garmin running watch so I didn’t have a great way to really stick to my 4 minute run:1 minute walk ratio that I have normally been doing on the treadmill. I decided to run for the entire length of one song on my play list before taking a one minute walk break then I would start a new song. I set a 15 minute timer to let me know when it was time to turn around. This was not only the first run outside for me since fall of 2015, it was the first outside run with my new shoes.  

Running outside has its pro’s and con’s. The con list is short:  

  • harder to keep an eye on time if you are training in a way that requires you to run for a certain amount of time 
  • it is usually a lot more challenging physically than running on a treadmill. 

The list of Pro’s is far too long for me to name it all but a few things that top my list:  

  • scenery is far better then staring at a wall or the timer on the treadmill
  • You can’t beat fresh air and sunshine
  • It’s free!

On today’s run I saw a logo painted on the trail from last years Mankato Marathon.  Of course time and weather has worn it down making it look a bit rough, in fact to some it may not even be recognized as their logo at all. I couldn’t help but think that like that logo time and life events has worn me down.  To many that see me they wouldn’t recognize me to be a runner but just as that logo will be repainted and refreshed with time, I too will be refreshed with enough time and a little work (ok A LOT of work).  The runner inside of me may be a little worn out but it is definitely not gone!  

Seeing that logo today was a great reminder of the goals I have set to achieve this year. 

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