Product review – Munk Pack

So back in December my sister convinced me to apply to become an ambassador for IRun4Ultra.  Disclaimer:  I have never run an ultra and do not intend to do so this year.  Even though, to date, the longest run I have ever completed has been a half marathon I was selected to be 2017 Ambassador.

One of the perks of being an ambassador for products and organizations is getting free stuff!  A couple weeks ago I got a box of cool gear and product samples from companies that support active lifestyles. Who doesn’t love happy mail!!!

I failed to take picture of all the cool goodies they sent but here’s an idea of all the goodies they sent to the Ambassadors…

I got a cool IRun4Ultra shirt & trucker hat (to be honest I will probably wont wear the trucker hat but my little boy sure loved wearing his Boppa’s hat). I also got a logo decal for my car, IR4U temporary tattoos, a pack of Lace Lockers for my shoes, two samples of HotShot, a sample pack of Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel & a Maple Pear Quinoa Oatmeal fruit squeeze pack from Munk Pack.

My first product review is for the Munk Pack oatmeal fruit squeeze pack. Another disclaimer:  I am not being paid by this company to write this review.  Once again I failed in my blogger-ly duties and tested this product without taking any pictures, I promise to do better next time.

Product packaging:  this 4.2 oz BPA- free squeeze pack was flat enough to slip into my purse as I rushed out the door to work. It was durable enough to withstand being squished by my wallet, schedule book & all the other things I carry in my purse. Not a drop of oatmeal in my purse after my 15 minute commute. I could see tossing a few of these in the diaper bag for the kids and myself as a great on the go snack. Otherwise they would be great for back packing or day hikes, kayaking, long bike rides or just about any other outdoorsy type activity.  The only apparent downfall is the packaging is not microwave safe, which turns out to not be a true issue… on the go you aren’t likely to have a microwave and as I will cover shortly it is completely unnecessary to heat this before eating it.

Product Nutrition:  Yet another disclaimer:  I am not a dietitian and can only speak for my own dietary needs.  This product is vegan, Gluten-free (that’s something I am familiar with due to a friend living with celiacs), non-GMO & whole grain. It is only 90 calories, low fat, 3G of fiber & 2 grams of protein. Again, I am not a dietician, I won’t even pretend to fully understand nutrition labels but these are some of the things I look at quickly if and when I take the time to read them when shopping. I also look at the sugars when buying food for my diabetic husband, this particular flavor is made with maple syrup and had a little more sugar than he needs to have on a regular basis but wouldn’t hurt him when he is being highly active.  It is made with real fruit and I could pronounce all ingredients, there’s gotta be something positive to that!  I ate this for breakfast at work around 6:30 am and didn’t start feeling hungry again until about 11am. Normally I eat oatmeal for breakfast at work about 7:30 am and get hungry again by 10:30 am. Of course there can be many factors that affect my hunger but I was pleased with how it kept me feeling full longer. I also have a very sedentary job, I sit at a desk unless I decide to be ambitious and raise it to standing height even then I am not overly active.

Product taste:  I love oatmeal but I was a bit apprehensive about eating cold oatmeal & a product that is gluten free, vegan etc… The flavor was very enticing to me as I LOVE maple brown sugar normal oatmeal, I also enjoy pear. Of course once I opened the twist top and looked in the spout it kind of had the appearance of thick applesauce or some of the foods I recall wearing while introducing my son to baby food. I took my first… ummm… bite, sip, taste, squeeze?! No matter what you call it I was pleasantly surprised. Consistency closely resembles thick applesauce with small bits of oats. Flavor was exactly as described… maple & pear.

Overall I really enjoyed this product and immediately wanted to know where I could buy more. I was sad to discover no stores near me sell it, but it is sold in a town I visit frequently, you can also buy it direct from their website. I will be buying some on my next visit to Rochester, and maybe then I will remember to take some pictures and share them with ya’ll. This is a product I would gladly let my son grab for a snack without feeling guilty. There are five different flavors:  maple pear quinoa, apple quinoa cinnamon, peach chia vanilla, blueberry Acai flax & raspberry coconut.  If you are interested in more about this product you can find them on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

As far as the other products I will do reviews on them at a later date!  I hope you enjoyed this product review as much as I enjoyed testing out my sample.

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