My workout is not insignificant 

The last few weeks I have been silent.  There has been so much going on and taking time to blog was just not happening. 

I have managed to make it to the Y usually about twice a week to get a run in. In the month that I have been back to running I managed to see my mileage and pace improve. I am still logging low mileage but it’s not about jumping into this where I left off, thank God, if I did that I would not train I would just sign up for races and be totally unprepared as I follow my just wing it approach to running.  Last week as I took to the dreadmill I got about 10 minutes into my work out when some guy started off on a near by treadmill. He set it to some insane incline and an impossible speed. The treadmill was making a high pitch squeal in protest to his demands. My ears were hurting so bad I almost stopped my workout. Staff came walking through the floor in search of the source of the noise, once he realized where it came from he made him turn it off. The young man wasn’t very happy about it and said he only had 5 minutes to go. Mid run and completely winded I turned to the guys and said if he started up the machine again I would have to leave. Staff told the guy he couldn’t let him continue because it clearly bothered others. The guy milled around a bit before coming over to ask if I had music I could listen to because he didn’t know how he was supposed to finish his work out.  Now this touched on a sore subject for me because I had spent a few seconds rummaging through the center console in car before before heading in and found a pair of headphones so I could listen to music while I ran.  As I walked towards the life center from the locker rooms I went to plug the headset in only to remember I had upgraded to the iPhone 7 recently and it no longer took the traditional plug in. Thankfully this young man also had an iPhone 7 and he had the adapter, he offered to let me use it so he could finish his 5 minutes of whatever he was doing. I took him up on his offer, after all I don’t really want to be the person standing in the way of someone completing a workout anymore than I want someone standing in the way of me being able to complete mine. After his 5 minutes he came over and I gave back his adapter and  we exchanged thank you’s.  He went on to explain he is training for the NFL combine and has a strict training plan to follow. I wished him luck and continued huffing and puffing my way towards the end of a 30 min jog. It amazed me what this young man was able to push himself to do for a chance at a career in the NFL.  

One great thing about running at the Y this last month has been hot showers that last longer than 6 minutes.   Ever since our basement flooded this fall we are lucky to get 6 minutes of warm water in the shower before the water turns cold. For me that is not enough. I have long, thick hair and I could barely make it through washing my hair even if it was the first and only thing I would do. Meaning if I showered at home I didn’t shave, didn’t really get a good scrub clean either. I found the showers at the Y gave enough hot water for me to do all my shower stuff and wouldn’t turn cold on me. Thankfully we were finally able to replace our water heater and the plumber was here Sunday to install it. I was so excited to be able to take a hot shower in my own house that lasted long enough for me to do all my shower stuff. 

Of course, right as it seems I am making improvements in my running I would get knocked back down. I have spent the last few days feeling run down & sick. Needless to say there will be no running this week for me, as frustrating as it is for me I understand that my body needs the rest and I will get back at it when I am better.  

The last couple weeks I have been extremely busy, on the go a lot, not taking time to make sure we are eating healthy and not getting enough rest.  I am not about to promise great changes but to keep us healthy going forward I have to at least make an effort to do better. 

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