If it was easy

Friday capped my second week back to work after two months off. I was welcomed back to work with a cold, which was shared by my whole family. It wasn’t enough that I was whooped from working twelve hour shifts on less than three hours of sleep each night, now I had to do it all while trying to fight off this bug.

I was able to sneak out of work a few hours early on Friday and wanted to make the best of this extra free time before I picked the kids up from daycare. It had been far too long since I had checked into the Y so I decided maybe it was time I stop just giving them my money and actually check in and put my membership to use.

For the last few weeks I had been easing back into working out, per my doctors orders.  I decided to start out my journey back to fitness by doing yoga. I knew my core was shot from carrying a baby and I needed to improve my flexibility. Yoga was the perfect solution to rebuild my core strength and increase my flexibility, both of which are important for injury free running.

As much as I have come to enjoy yoga these last few weeks, I really just wanted to go for a run.  So I checked into the Y laced up my brand new running shoes and took to the dreadmill. I was going to run no less then a mile not including my warm up and cool down. Five minutes in and I was ready to run, or so I thought.  I bumped up my speed to a whopping 5.5 mph and after a minute realized my goal of completing a mile was not going to be easy. After doing a run walk combo of running for two minutes walking for one I finally completed my mile and it was time for my cool down. I used to run half marathons on no training and here I am struggling to finish a mile, this running thing is going to far more challenging for me now. I have a great friend that has agreed to keep me accountable on this journey and she knows me all too well. I told her this short run was rather challenging and she quickly pointed out the positive. If it was easy I would likely fall back into my just wing it routine.  The fact that this short run was challenging will likely drive me to actually stick with training.

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